All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (2024)

All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (1)

Welcome to Ravenwood, Now Go Beat Something Up

Wizard101is an MMO that has been growing since 2008, but with this guide, we’re looking at the very beginning of the tale. You play as a young student wizard who travels to various worlds in the galaxy, known as the Spiral, and battle villains and monsters who would do the Spiral harm.

Wizard City is the first world players get access to, and it’s been given a shiny new coat of paint and some brand-new writing for the main story quests. There are 38 quests in this world. 6 of them involve boss fights, 10 involve normal battles against mobs, and 8 involve battles where you have to defeat a monster and collect something from it.

In this world, you’ll meet the Ravenwood Headmaster, Merle Ambrose, and your new school professors as you enroll in the Spiral’s most famous wizarding school. You’ll also contend with the minions of the former Death school professor, Malistaire Drake, after he goes rogue, unleashes an army of undead on the town, and plunges the Death school off of a cliff. What are his nefarious plans for the school and the Spiral at large, and how can you stop him? Start with the help of this Wizard City main questline guide!

All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (2)

Unicorn Way

After the tutorial, the first street in Wizard City that you’ll be visiting is Unicorn Way, the life school street. Start your adventure by talking to Merle in his office. He will teleport you straight there.

1. Unicorn Way – Explore + Talk to Private Connelly
2. Ghost Hunters –Defeat 2 Lost Souls (Death Mobs) + Talk to Private Connelly + Talk to Ceren Nightchant
3. Skeleton Crew –Defeat 2 Skeletal Pirates (Death Mobs)+ Talk to Ceren Nightchant
4. Monsters and Mazes –Explore + Talk to Lady Oriel in Hedge Maze
5. Finding Out Why –Interact with Bone Cages +Defeat and Collect 2 Fairy Dust from Dark Fairies (Death Mobs)+ Explore + Talk to Lady Oriel
6. Who Could It Be Now? –Talk to Ceren Nightchant
7. Sinister Skeleton –Explore +Fight Rattlebones (Death Boss)+ Explore + Talk to Ceren Nightchant
8. Grim Tales –Talk to Harold Argleston in Wizard City Library + Talk to Merle Ambrose
9. To Ravenwood! –Talk to Mr. Lincoln + Talk to your school’s professor + Talk to Mr. Lincoln + Talk to Merle Ambrose
10. Panic In Three Streets! –Talk to Sergeant Muldoon in Olde Town
11. Secret Strife of Pets –Interact with Pet + Explore +Defeat Old Judd (Storm Mob)+ Explore + Interact with Key + Explore + Talk to Penny Dreadful 2x + Talk to Pets + Interact with Lock + Talk to Penny + Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (3)

Triton Avenue

Triton Avenue is our first of three streets we’re solving problems on. This tale involves Suzie Gryphonbane, a missing storm student. You’ll work with Artur, her brother, and a death student named Duncan Grimwater to find out what happened to her.

12. Trouble on Triton Avenue –Talk to Artur Gryphonbane
13. Menacing Minions –Defeat 3 Haunted Minions (Balance Mobs)+ Talk to Artur
14. The Shadow of Death Magic –Talk to Duncan Grimwater +Defeat Electric Eels (Storm Mobs) and Collect Suzie’s Wand+ Talk to Duncan
15. Quest for Clues –Defeat Rotting Fodders (Storm Mobs) and Collect 3 Storm Amulets+ Talk to Duncan
16. Catching a Glimpse –Talk to Blad Raveneye
17. Clear as Crystal –Interact with 3 Cogs +Defeat Scarlet Screamers and Collect 3 Primary Coils+ Talk to Blad + Explore + Interact with Lever + Talk to Blad
18. Luminate –Talk to Duncan
19. The Enemy Revealed –Explore +Fight Harvest Lord (Fire Boss)+ Talk to Suzie Gryphonbane 2x
20. To Tame a Tempest –Talk to Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood + Interact with Tempest Nexus + Talk to Suzie + Talk to Artur
21. Triton Report –Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (4)

Cyclops Lane

Cyclops Lane, the next street we are questing in, is experiencing a mutiny issue. Cyrus Drake, the myth professor, summoned some cyclops warriors to fend off Malistaire’s undead, but the cyclopes have suddenly switched sides and they’re attacking people. To make things worse, 3 out of 4 students sent to deal with the rebellion have gone missing! Join up with the only remaining student, Nolan Stormgate, and get to the bottom of this.

22. A Good Day to Cyclops –Explore + Talk to Nolan Stormgate
23. A Stroll With Trolls –Defeat 3 Lumbering Trolls (Myth Mobs)+ Talk to Nolan
24. Run and Done –Talk to Cyrus Drake in Ravenwood + Talk to Victor Darkwood in Shopping District + Talk to Cyrus + Talk to Merle + Talk to Cyrus + Talk to Nolan
25. The Cave Escape –Defeat a Cyclops Legionnaire (Myth Mob)+ Explore +Defeat Rotting Fodders (Storm Mobs) and Collect a Talisman+ Interact with Bubbles 3x + Talk to Electra Stormcloud
26. Oh Me, Oh Minotaur –Defeat 3 Warhorns (Myth Mob)+ Talk to Romulus
27. Akilles’ Deal –Explore + Fight General Akilles (MythBoss)+ Interact with Crystal Ball + Talk to Nolan + Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (5)

Firecat Alley

For the last of the three streets, join Private Quinn of the city guards and Gretta Darkkettle, the former alchemy teacher at Ravenwood, as you unravel the mystery of a curse that’s making the local Fire Elves go mad. What will it take to restore the sanity of Quinn’s friend, Prince Alicane? Only you can administer the cure!

28. Putting Out the Fire! –Talk to Private Quinn +Defeat 2 Haunted Minions (Balance Mobs)+ Talk to Quinn
29. She Ran Crying Wildfire –Talk to Lizzo Firespitter +Defeat 2 Fire Elf Hunters (Fire Mobs)+ Talk to Lizzo
30. Which Hunt? –Talk to Shelus Gruffheart +Defeat 2 Fire Elf Pathfinders (Fire Mobs)+ Talk to Shelus + Talk to Gretta Darkkettle +Defeat 2 Magma Men (Fire Mobs)+ Talk to Gretta
31. 100% Not That Witch –Defeat Rotting Fodder (Storm Mobs) in the Dark Cave and Collect Herkimer Stone+ Talk to Gretta + Explore +Fight Bastilla Gravewynd (Death Boss)+ Talk to Gretta
32. Which Craft? –Talk to Gloria Krendell in Olde Town + Talk to Gretta + Interact with Alchemy Table x2 + Talk to Gretta Darkkettle
33. The Cure –Explore +Fight Prince Alicane (Fire Boss)+ Talk to Alicane Swiftarrow + Talk to Gretta
34. Firecat’s In the Bag –Talk to Private Quinn + Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (6)

Olde Town/Haunted Cave

Confront some of Malistaire’s more important minions and track down books about the Order of the Fang before Malistaire can read them and find the Order’s secrets!

35. A Brief History of the Spiral –Talk to Merle Ambrose + Explore + Explore +Fight Foulgaze (Death Boss)+ Explore + Talk to Daisy Willowmancer
36. Throwing Nightshade –Explore + Fight Lord Nightshade (Death Boss) + Talk to Daisy
37. Things and Stuff –Defeat Field Guards and collect 2 Pumpkin Heads+ Talk to Daisy + Talk to Ambrose
38. Take a Walk on the Nightside –Explore + Talk to Mortis + Explore + Talk to Dworgyn + Talk to Ambrose

Which area of Wizard City did you like exploring the most, and how do you think you would do if you went to a real wizarding school? Discuss in the comments!

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All Main Quests In Wizard City – Walkthrough Wizard (2024)


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