Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (2024)

From breakfast classics and pizza dough, to fruit pies and pasties

By Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (1)

Since bursting onto our screens in 2010, alongside former fellow Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood has captivated the hearts of the nation just as much for his piercing blue eyes, as his famously rare 'Hollywood handshakes' of approval on the hit baking show.

Starting out as a teenage trainee at his father's bakery and working his way up to become head baker at numerous lauded restaurants, before landing the top judging spot on the former BBC, now Channel 4 show, means his recipes have some serious credentials in the world of food.

From artisan pizzas, to homemade Bakewell tarts and classic English crumpets, if these recipes aren't enough to whet your appetite, you can catch him judging in the Bake Off tent on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

So roll up your sleeves and get baking with our favourite simple to make, yet complex in taste, Paul Hollywood classic recipes.


Paul Hollywood's Cornish Pasty recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (2)

Everybody loves a pasty and with the added charm of being homemade, these are the perfect treat to make for family and friends at home or for a picnic showstopper. Encased in a light and buttery pastry, these are made with a well-loved classic filling of beef, swede, onion and potato and are super comforting.



Paul Hollywood's Bakewell Tart recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (3)

Paul Hollywood's Bakewell tart may just be the best ever. Beautiful tasting but simple to make and true to the classic recipe - it is made with beautifully sweet frangipane, a tangy raspberry jam filling and flaked almonds. Just dust with icing sugar for a dessert that is nothing less than show-stopping.



Paul Hollywood's Tartiflette Pizza recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (4)

Nothing beats a slice of pizza and whipping up your own at home is easier than you think. This twist on the hearty French dish, tartiflette, is the ultimate comforting dish. The combination of potatoes and cheese is truly hard to beat. Paul likes to use Reblochon but Brie or any other flavoursome, oozy cheese will work well too.


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Paul Hollywood's Individual fruit pies recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (5)

With their luscious fruity filling, these little pies are a real treat, especially when served warm with whipped cream. There are three fruity fillings to choose from (apple, apricot and pear), and they're perfect for a Sunday lunch dessert or weekend baking project.



Paul Hollywood's Crumpets recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (6)

Crisp and golden brown on the outside, yet light and fluffy within, Paul’s crumpets make the ultimate addition to a lazy brunch. They do take a bit of practice to get right, but once you’ve tried making them, you’ll never pick up a packet in the supermarket again.



Paul Hollywood's Spinach, feta and pine nut parcel recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (7)

These triangular vegetarian pasties from Paul are based on a Lebanese specialty called fatayer, and use soft bread dough, rather than pastry, to enclose the filling. Frozen spinach is best for this recipe – it’s very easy to use and produces a less watery mixture. These are perfect for packed lunches or weekend treats, and children will enjoy them too.


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Paul Hollywood's Heather honey sponge recipe

Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (8)

The light and fluffy texture of a steamed sponge pudding is hard to beat for a Sunday lunch dessert. Paul’s addition of Scottish heather honey, which has a deliciously fragrant flavour, is simply delicious. Serve with cream or custard for the perfect winter dessert.


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Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (9)

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Paul Hollywood's best baking recipes (2024)


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