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Tower Heroes is a tower defense game created by Pixel-bit Studio.


  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Purchasable Towers
  • 3 Towers Obtainable by Beating Certain Maps
  • 4 Towers Obtainable Through Events


In the lobby, there are elevators which lead to maps where players must work together to defeat enemies using heroes. Players can also create servers, which can be accessed on the left tab. When in a match, you can select your difficulty of easy, medium, or hard. During the round, you use mana to place down and upgrade towers to help in your battle against enemies. On the final waves a strong boss comes. If you beat it, you gain coins, seasonal currency, a skin, and maybe a new tower.

Purchasable Towers[]

Tower NameCost to buy in the ShopCost to buy in gameUsage
WizardFree100Shoots magic energy at the enemy.
ChefFree110Melee hero, hits enemies using different kitchen utensils for every level
Scientist120250Uses a laser to hit enemies.
Voca300135Uses confetti at level 1, a sparkler at level 2, and shoots fireworks at enemies that do splash damage only at levels 3-5
Lemonade Cat230200Does not attack, generates mana at the start of every wave.
Dumpster Child250400Burns enemies from level 1–3, does radioactive damage on level 4, and does radioactive+ damage on level 5. Level 1/2/3, 4, and 5 can stack.
Spectre500500Does not attack, any tower in its range gets a damage boost, but receives an increased upgrade cost. Can boost attack speed for a short period of time in exchange for mana.

Does no Damage but Slows down Enemies and stuns them at level 5

Kart Kid500650Summons friendly Kart Kids.
Hotdog Frank30085

Melee hero. kicks enemies at levels 1–2, uses a flail(?) of sausages at levels 3-4 and finally a large corndog at level 5.

Maitake400350Poisons enemies and heals summons
Discount Dog380400Does not attack, lowers upgrade costs, but towers in its range deal less damage. Can increase tower limit in exchange for mana.
Balloon Pal380350Does not attack, increases range, but towers in its range attack slower. Can summon a bomb float in exchange for mana.
Stella410600Draws paintings that do different things
Soda Pop300140Does Splash Damage
Quinn310130Does shooting with arrow and bow. Can using spore force to enemies getting slow down in exchange for mana.

Towers Obtainable by Beating Certain Maps[]

Tower NameMap(s) where its obtainedCost to buy in gameUsage
Slime KingCastle Town


700Summons friendly slimes. Can summon Slime King in exchange for mana.
Fracturevollcano valley


130Acts like a melee tower due to the short range at levels 1–2, but uses crystals to attack enemies at levels 3–5.
BeeboKnoddy's Resort


80Throws ice cream at the enemy.
JesterChaos Kingdom Hard mode


600-800RNG Tower, it can summon an ally or an enemy, can give status effects to enemies or allies and can give or take mana. It can also summon in strong bosses starting at level 3. (Malware, Giant Slime, Big Alien)
BranchSilent Sanctuary


150Summons branches that deals damage to enemies. Does splash damage at levels 2-5
VoltBlastech Barrage Hard Mode (400)170Chain Tower, casts lightning that chains between 3-20 enemies
BeetriceHoneyComb Heist Hard mode


430Summons Bees that are similar to Hayes but have a limited range.
Sparks KilowattMetaverse Madness150Fires lasers and Shoots Rockets (Only shoots rockets at level 3–5)
OddportOddport Academy Hard ModefreeSummons multiple units that deal ranged damage
YasukeSacred Shrine Hard mode (570)570Attacks enemies with a katana. We can use Dragon flame exchange for mana
Nuki LauncherDestiny's Dawn (Hard Only)410Shoots Nukis onto the Path which act as a Summoner Unit.

Towers Obtainable Through Events[]

Tower NameWhere it was obtainedCost to buy in gameUsage
BunnyComplete Easter Eggland (Easy Only) or buy the gamepass110Throws eggs at Enemies, levels 1–3. At levels 4 it uses a slingshot and at level 5 it use a rocket launcher.
HayesHalloween Havoc (Hard Only) or buy the gamepass650Summons crows that attack enemies level 1-5
WaferToy Takeover (Hard Only)

or buy the gamepass

115Attacks by spinning at level 1, with its candy cane at levels 2-4 and a hammer at 5.
Lure2400 candy corns in Halloween event battle pass 2022110Does burst count
El GoblinoThe library Quest mode350Summons traps that enemies getting trapped, can active the crucifix to enemies will get stun, the special ability are similarly to byte level 5

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Pixel-bit Studio/Tower Heroes (2024)


Who made Pixel-Bit Studio? ›

Pixel-bit Studio is a verified game development group owned by Smellysuperfart known for their games Tower Heroes, Crab Rave and Trick or Treat in Bloxy Hills.

How to unlock Beebo Tower Heroes? ›

Beebo is a tower which you get from the Knoddy's Resort Map. This tower begins as a very weak tower but gets strong as its upgraded more. The tower is very unique in its ability to move its range. After level 2, Beebo will move around a block which replaces where Beebo was.

What does Stella do in Tower Heroes? ›

Stella is a summoner hero that draws sentient drawings near the path. The drawings do a variety of things depending on the drawing, and the types of drawings Stella can draw as well as their strength depend on her level.

How much does branch cost in Tower Heroes? ›

Towers Obtainable by Beating Certain Maps
Tower NameMap(s) where its obtainedCost to buy in game
JesterChaos Kingdom Hard mode (600)600-800
BranchSilent Sanctuary (300)150
VoltBlastech Barrage Hard Mode (400)170
BeetriceHoneyComb Heist Hard mode (400)430
7 more rows

Who is the owner of pixel studio? ›

Shubham Unde - CEO & Founder - Pixel Studios | LinkedIn.

Is pixel made in China? ›

Previously, most of Google's Pixel phones were made in China. But now they want to make them in India too. This is part of a bigger plan to make sure they don't rely too much on China for making phones. It's called the 'China+2' strategy, where companies try to have more than one country for making their products.

What does a dumpster child do? ›

Appreciating the new life he is given, Dumpster Child burns through the enemies that are attacking the person's homeland, Earth. Unlike most towers, Dumpster Child inflicts damage through inflicting status effects like Burn or Radioactivity.

How do you get Niko skin in Tower heroes? ›

The Niko skin was previously obtainable in the Metal Crate as a Mythic skin, however it is now obtained by beating the Mimicbot on any map.

What does Quinn do in Tower Heroes? ›

Quinn is a ranged hero introduced in the Second Part of the Robeats Crossover update. She takes the appearance of an plant. High damage and very consistent DPS. Extremely high Range.

Does Stella have a crush on red? ›

In Angry Birds Comics, Stella has shown romantic feelings for Red.

Is Stella adopted? ›

Brittany — who agreed to adopt Stella when her sister asked — explained that because Stella and Nova, Briana's eldest daughter, “don't have the same dad … if God forbid something were to happen to my sister, there's a possibility that they would be separated.” (Briana shares Nova, 12, with ex Devoin Austin, who was ...

What kind of demon is Stella? ›

Main Series. Stella is a tall, slim, white avian demon.

What is the easiest boss in Tower Heroes? ›

Chaos Sentry shoots a beam, summoning a Giant Sentry. This is an incredibly easy boss and maxed out towers can easily take care of it, optionally with Spectre or Balloon Pal.

Is byte worth it Tower Heroes? ›

Byte attacks using his cable, upgrading them will eventually allow them to stun enemies for a few seconds. Incredibly useful for faster enemies & bosses, especially on relatively short maps.

Is Voca good in Tower Heroes? ›

Voca is useful against crowds at level 3+ due to her splash damage. However, enemies who take splash damage will only receive 50% of damage.

Who manufactures pixel devices? ›

Who manufactures Google Pixel phones? While early versions of the Pixel phone were manufactured by HTC and LG, the Pixel 3 and newer models are made by Foxconn.

Who manufactures pixel CPU? ›

Google Tensor
Illustration of the first-generation Tensor chip
LaunchedOctober 5, 2021
Designed byGoogle
Common manufacturerSamsung
2 more rows

Who is the creator of pixel? ›

(AP) — Russell Kirsch, a computer scientist credited with inventing the pixel and scanning the world's first digital photograph, died Aug.

Who created pixel games? ›

Pixel Games SARL-S, an independent development studio founded by Sebastian Kostka, is focused on bringing classic arcade experiences to modern consoles. Based in Luxembourg, the studio's creative vision is centered around pixel art games with limited color palettes.


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