Ted Poretz Obituary (2024)

1. In Memoriam - Zukerman Gore Brandeis & Crossman, LLP

  • We are shocked and saddened to report that our great friend, colleague, and partner Ted Poretz passed away unexpectedly on Monday, June 12, 2023.

  • We are shocked and saddened to report that our great friend, colleague, and partner Ted Poretz passed away unexpectedly on Monday, June 12, 2023.  Ted began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney under Robert Morgenthau, and then turned to private practice as a commercial litigator for the next forty years.  Ted was a fantastic lawyer who had an uncanny ability to find the subtle, critical legal pathways to success for those he represented. Ted was literally a lawyer’s lawyer. He represented other lawyers and law firms when they needed help, and he was a trusted advisor within our firm. With his door always open, Ted would draw on his wide-ranging experience and knowledge to suggest a practical approach or solution nearly every time. Most important, Ted was a wonderful, generous friend, colleague, husband, and father.  He is survived by his wife, Beth Sosin, and his two children, Josh and Jenny.  We have no words to describe adequately our sense of loss.

2. [PDF] Ted Poretz [1954 - 2023]

  • Ted resolves complex commercial and civil litigation – contract disputes, employment issues, real estate matters, fraud, non-compete challenges, construction ...

3. Gallery Owner Accuses Alec Baldwin of Dodging Tax in Disputed Art ...

  • Oct 27, 2016 · Boone's lawyer, Ted Poretz, said in the court documents. Mr. Baldwin's lawyer, John Hueston, said Ms. Boone was only trying to distract ...

  • The art world feud between the actor and the gallery owner Mary Boone has taken a new turn.

4. Landlord cheating dead tenant out of $225K: lawsuit - New York Post

5. Alec Baldwin sues Manhattan art dealer over copy

  • Sep 12, 2016 · Boone's attorney, Ted Poretz, denied the charges and said Baldwin was made aware from the start that he was not getting an original. “Ms ...

  • NEW YORK (AP) — Alec Baldwin is suing a Manhattan art dealer, saying she sold him a version of a painting for $190,000 that was not the original.In court papers filed Monday, the Daily News (…

6. Wall Street Titan to Get a Refund Over Fake Art - The New York Times

  • Nov 30, 2018 · Hall's lawyer, Ted Poretz, called to the stand a Golub expert, Jon Bird, a professor emeritus at Middlesex University in London, who ...

  • A federal jury in New Hampshire ordered a former professor and her son to repay Andrew J. Hall for selling him fake paintings attributed to the artist Leon Golub.

7. [PDF] Chanukah 5767 - New Brunswick - Poile Zedek

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8. The Curious Life and Shocking Death of Huguette Clark

  • May 21, 2014 · ... died on October 11, 1963, at the age of 85. ... "She refused to leave," says Ted Poretz, an attorney who worked with Donald Wallace at the time.

  • In an exclusive excerpt from her new book, The Phantom of Fifth Avenue, Meryl Gordon reveals the secret world of Huguette Clark, the last Gilded Age heiress.

9. The Detroit Jewish News August 10, 2017 Page Image 56

  • died Aug. 1 ... Award. He is survived by Joyce Sosin, his wife of 63 years; their children and partners, Beth (Ted Poretz) Sosin, Daniel (Jacalyn) Sosin,

  • Image 56 of 60 from the August 10, 2017 publication of The Detroit Jewish News.

10. Roz Corral: A Jazz Memorial for a Beloved Vocalist -

  • May 2, 2023 · By Andrew Poretz***A jazz memorial for the late jazz singer Roz ... Ted Hook's Backstage. Christine Moore Smith on Saluting Lee Roy ...

  • Editor’s Note: Jazz musicians often find it a sacred trust to honor their own who’ve passed away. Vocalist Roz Corral, who died this past September 27, was so memorialized. Over the years she’d become a [...]

11. [PDF] We Remember Our JFK Friends - Bellmore JFK Alumni, Inc.

  • Aug 14, 2023 · OBITUARY. Email us at: bellmorejfk1@gmail.com. To Purchase a ... Ted Poretz. Class of 1979 Continued. Lou Gazzale. Michael Berkowitz.

12. [PDF] News & Views - Temple Shaarei Shalom

  • MIMI & TED SCHWARTZMAN. GERRI & BART SEINBERG. MARSHA SHALLOWAY. FREDERICK ... Norma & Ronald Poretz. In loving memory of our dear friend Murray Schneier ...

13. Alec Baldwin sues, claiming he was sold counterfeit painting

  • Sep 12, 2016 · ... Obituary · Opinion · Opinion · Editorials · Opinion Columnists · Letters ... Ted Poretz, called Baldwin's claims false and said they are a result ...

  • Alec Baldwin claims a Manhattan gallery owner delivered a copy, not the original Ross Bleckner painting, he said he purchased for $190,000 in 2010.

14. Yellow freight ceo salary - alexas-swiss

  • brenham ace hardwareted poretz obituarynv energy power outage update The estimated total pay for a Operations Manager at Yellow Freight is $96,340 per year.

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15. Why won't my samsung washer spin - alexas-swiss

  • ted poretz obituary If your Samsung washer won't spin, it could be caused by one or several faulty components within your washer. To find the cause and fix ...

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Ted Poretz Obituary (2024)


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